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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence(AI) is now-a-days a buzz in technology, every organization is taking a step towards automating the task and come up with some innovation to grow as a service based company.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is nothing but mimic human actions and think like humans with explicit programming and intelligent algorithms embedded into machines. It can also be termed as a machine which can learn by collecting the data and have a problem solving ability.

We at Technokraft Innovations, believe in delivering top-notch Artificial Intelligence(AI) based applications to automate business processes and operations to maximize efficiency and productivity (ROI). Our expertise extends to the entire spectrum of Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies including Machine Learning, Image Processing, Data Visualization, Decision Management, and much more. We design powerful solutions that integrate seamlessly with the client’s business model and fuel its growth in every way.


Business Analysis Dashboard


Decision Management

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and decision management plays a vital role in helping companies in making valid decisions by providing up-to-date and relevant information, performing analytic functions. As decision-making has become an integral part of modern management.

Artificial Inteliigence(AI) and decision making management helps to improve productivity and overall business analysis by making faster decisions, recognizing risks, and automating processes. Now-a-days huge amount of data is used for generating various reports and models on a weekly and daily basis, that help organizations in decision making in a fraction of time.

When Artificial Intelligence(AI) and decision management work together it becomes eternal to gain increasing profits which sometimes are unextended in case of humans. The system built using this technology helps in bridging the gap between complex and dynamic information thus generating hypotheses.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) can play a defining role in decision management systems by automating the requirements of the financial markets, pushing the current limits, and taking the competition to the next level and used in various other fields.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) can make your decision management system reliable and efficient and thereby, assist you in making innovative products and earning good profits.

Pan-Card Image Processing

image image

Image Processing

Image processing is a part of Artificial Intelligence(AI) because it makes the process more efficient and accurate though image processing is possible without making use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) or Machine Learning(ML) algorithms but that won't work as well as using Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies.

Image processing is a method to perform some operations on images for extracting the data from images and making some enhancements.

Image processing basically includes the following three steps: Importing the image via image acquisition tools; Analysing and manipulating the image; Output in which result can be altered image or report that is based on image analysis

Image processing used in various applications such as face recognition, fetching aadhaar and pan card details, data scanning, vehicle details detection, and much more.
We have applied image processing techniques to retrieve data from a pan card using python and its libraries such as tesseract and PIL.

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