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Cross Platform

Cross Platform refers to the functionality of software programs or hardware to run identically on extraordinary platforms. Many packages for Windows and the Macintosh, for example, now produce binary-compatible files, which means that customers can transfer from one platform to the alternative without changing their records to a brand new format. This minimizes a majority of the post-manufacturing charges and makes the common person able to update content material and media on their respective site.

Technokraft Innovations is making use of this technology which is leading the revolution in mobile app development. Likewise android app development, cross platform app development makes the livability of any application more relevant thus makes it available on each smartphone. Ultimately exceeding the business possibility for a particular brand.


Graph Description

According to now-a-days trends, most of the cross platform apps development technologies, React Native and Flutter that are growing technologies to keep the businesses ratio more fexible so that it would reach to a larger auidence.

The buzz of cross platform technologies various according to its use and its effiency of flexibility.We can clearly see in the graph how the ratio varies depending on it use and how it is benefitting the business audience.

Advantages of Cross Platform Development

  • Cross-platform apps development cost is less,thus cost is saved.
  • Cross-platform code is easy to maintain.
  • Cross platform development is ideal for business mobile apps.
  • Time to fix a issue in the cross platform app is less.
  • Development time and efforts is lesser.
  • It will also lead to easy marketing, greater reach, uniform design and screens.
  • Cost-Effective Targeted Marketing with exponential rise in mobile data traffic.


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